Call For Weekly Webinar Proposals

The weekly webinars have been a big success. We want to build on this by offering network members the opportunity to organise webinar sessions. The Platform will facilitate this process by:

  • Managing proposals and timeslots.

  • Promoting on our site, in our newsletter and via social media.

  • Posting slides and recordings after the event (if you wish).

  • Posting related blogs and material.

This call will function like conference panel proposals. You need to complete this online form.

We will check these forms every few days and get back to you to confirm the availability of a timeslot.

If you have any questions, please contact Peter Llyod-Sherlock (

April 10: Primary health care, older people and COVID-19 in LMICs settings

 Click here for the slides 

April 24: Older people, comorbidities and COVID19.

May 8: Lockdowns and older people in developing countries

May 22: Estrategias de emergencia para mitigar impacto del COVID-19 en América Latina

April 17: Ageism, health and COVID19.

May 1: Care homes and COVID19 in developing countries

May 15: Pensions, social protection and COVID-19 in developing countries

May 29: Elder abuse and COVID-19 in low and middle-income countries.

June 12: Older people and COVID-19 in Africa

June 26: COVID-19, older people and care homes in low and middle-income countries

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