Coronavirus and Chronic Diseases

Updated: Mar 15

An Extra Dose of Prevention

Adults with hypertension, diabetes, and other chronic diseases may be especially vulnerable to coronavirus. We all have a role to play in stopping its spread and protecting the health of our patients.


  • At your facility, use standard precautions, including disinfection of equipment, for all patients.

  • Triage and early detection of patients with cold and flu symptoms is important. Have them wait in a separate area if possible.

  • Reach out to your hypertension, diabetes, and other non-communicable disease (NCD) patients by text or phone to check in and make a plan for care.

  • In areas affected by the coronavirus outbreak, encourage patients to avoid health care facilities unless they have symptoms or other urgent needs to avoid unnecessary exposure.

  • For patients with cold and flu symptoms, use respiratory precautions* to avoid transmission of the virus.

  • For stable patients coming to your facility, dispense the longest-term prescription you can (90 days is ideal!)

  • Consider setting up a mobile pharmacy or medication dispensing unit for chronic NCD patients in the community and away from facilities where patients with illness are accessing care.

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