Country Report: Potential Impact of COVID-19 on Human Mortality in Pakistan

A report prepared by Dr Peter Lloyd-Sherlock and David Lachs has come out with the potential impact of COVID-19 on human mortality in Pakistan.

Based on demographic data by age composition, the report states that if Pakistan were able to restrict infection to 10% with a case fatality rate comparable to that seen in Italy, it would save over 600,000 lives compared to 50% infection rate and a higher case fatality, as seen in China.

The report, based on PICHM (Potential Impact of COVID-19 on Human Mortality) tool, may be useful for policymakers and planners in various countries and permits national-level analysis for all countries and subnational for a growing number.

The interpretation of the results of this report should be done with care and responsibly. The purpose of this tool is to inform, not to scaremonger.

The report can be accessed here.

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